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Dakuon lesson 1: ga-gi-gu-ge-go

Use our hiragana chart and learn how to read and write Japanese.

Good morning. You have all been good students so far. We are now done with the 10 Hiragana chapters and we begin our Dakuon lessons today. We will learn the first five Dakuon characters today: GA-GI-GU-GE-GO. While you are at Dakuon, make sure you do not forget the Hiragana you have learnt till now.

  ga   Example: めがね (megane - glasses)
gi Example: かぎ (kagi - key)
gu Example: もぐら (mogura - mole)
ge Example: まつげ (matsuge - eyelashes)
go Example: りんご (ringo - apple)
  Dakuon lesson 2: za - ji - zu - ze - zo
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