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Handakuon lesson 1: pa-pi-pu-pe-po

Use our hiragana chart and learn how to read and write Japanese.

So, we are through with our 10 Hiragana and 4 Dakuon classes by now, and you have all already learnt 66 characters of the Japanese language. Today, we have our Handakuon class. Handakuon has only 1 series of five letters that you need to know: PA-PI-PU-PE-PO. In our next class, we will begin with Youon chapters.

  pa   Example: ぱん (pan - bread)
pi Example: ぴあの (piano - piano)
pu Example: らんぷ (ranpu - lamp)
pe Example: ぺん (pen - pen)
po Example: ぽすと (posuto - post)
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