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Youon lesson 1: sha-shu-sho

Use our hiragana chart and learn how to read and write Japanese.

Today, we begin with our last series of characters of the Japanese language- the Youon series. Just three chapters, consisting of three characters each. Not much more hard work to do. Here are your Japanese characters for today: SHA-SHU-SHO. Before we bid goodbye for today, let me remind you to revise all your Hiragana, Dakuon and Handakuon characters before the next class.

しゃ   sha   Example: しゃしん (shashin - photograph)
- - -
しゅ shu Example: せんしゅう (senshu - last week)
- - -
しょ sho Example: しょうぎ (shogi - Japanese chess)
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